Orquesta y Coro Nacionales de España

Head Office:
Auditorio Nacional de Música
Príncipe de Vergara, 146
Telephone: (+34) 913 370 213 / 14
Fax: (+34) 91 563 29 07
Web: http://ocne.mcu.es
e-mail: ocne@inaem.mcu.es

The Honorary President is H.M. the Queen of Spain

Orquesta Nacional de España
Foundation year: 1942
Members: 119 musicians

Honorary Director: Josep Pons
Conductor Emeritus: Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos
Technical Conductor: Félix Alcaraz

Coro Nacional de España
Foundation year: 1971
Members: 110 cantantes/singers
Director of CNE: Joan Cabero
Assistant Director of CNE: Eduardo Córcoles Gómez

Throughout this season, programmes are presented chosen according to the criterion of displaying formal similarities, common identities, parallelisms or merely musical similes.
The season was designed by Josep Pons, who counted with the collaboration of the previous director of the INAEM, Félix Palomero, to establish the number of weeks it would last.

The topic is abstract with respect to previous seasons but follows the same criteria: a backbone and carte blanche showing the work of contemporary musicians.
This backbone which, initially was going to be the Three Vienna Schools, became the relation between composers with similar styles.
In this way, Mozart is related to Beethoven, Beethoven to Schubert, Wagner to Bruckner or Schoenberg to Webern or Berg.
With respect to the Carte blanche, it is dedicated to Friedrich Cerha, known for having finished the opera by Alban Berg, Lulu, but with a very interesting career as composer, director and administrator. The new creation is seen in two commissions made by the OCNE, on the one hand to Pilar Jurado, and on the other to the Catalonian composer, Feliu Gasull.

Diálogos “a capella” is the title surrounding the V Ciclo de Música Coral, a consolidated space directed by Joan Cabero, who highlights the flexibility of the choir with a programme related to the orchestra season “so the public learns about the choral part of the programme”, according to what its director said.

Likewise, it concludes the recording of the first discographic project that the OCNE, under the direction of Pons, has developed together with Universal Music, involving the publication of nine audio-records plus one of video.
With respect to the concerts, these will be conducted by a large number of guest conductors like Josep Pons, who has become the honorary conductor, Frübeck de Burgos, director emeritus and names like Jesús López Cobos, Pablo Heras-Casado, Juanjo Mena or Arturo Tamayo.

Regarding the international scenario, we can enjoy such prestigious batons as those of Tan Dun, Christian Zacharias, James Conlon and, especially, David Afkham.
The Orchestra, which at this time does not have a lead conductor, has not been designed for a particular conductor. For the INAEM it is a priority to find a new conductor and although, this was frustrated by the anticipated elections, conservations were started with Afkham.