Certamen Internacional de Guitarra “Francisco Tárrega”

Sede | Head Office:
Médico Segarra, 4
12560 Benicàssim (Castellón)
Teléfono | Telephone: (+34) 964 300 102
Fax: (+34) 964 300 139
Web: http://benicassimcultura.es/cultura/actividades/certamenguitarratarrega
e-mail: guitarra@benicassim.org

Miembro de la Federación Mundial de Concursos Internacionales de Música de la UNESCO I Member of the World Federation of International Music Competitions of the UNESCO.
Óscar de Oro a la mejor labor de promoción musical I Gold Oscar to the best music promotion work.

Organizador | Organiser: Ayuntamiento de Benicasim
Primera edición | First edition: 1967
Periodicidad: | Frequency: Anual I Annual
Fecha de celebración | Dates of celebration: Del 29 de agosto al 5 de septiembre de 2014 I August 29th to September 5th 2014.

Premios I Prizes :
– Primero I First Prize: 12.000 €
. Grabación de un CD de duración no inferior a 60 minutos I Recording of an album no less than 60 minutes long.
. Tres conciertos patrocinados por la Generalitat Valenciana I Three concerts
.ponsored by the Valencian Government.
. Un concierto en el Festival de Guitarra de Sevilla I A concert in the Festival de Guitarra de Sevilla.

-Segundo I Second Prize: 4.808 €
. Premio especial a la mejor interpretación de la obra de Francisco Tárrega I Special prize for the best performance of Francisco Tarrega´s works: 2.404 €.
. Premio del Público I Audience´s prize: 1.653 €
. Premio al mejor intérprete español nacido o residente en la Comunidad
Valenciana que haya superado la prueba de Preselección: Bolsa de estudios por valor de 811 € I Prize to the best spanish performer born or resident in the region of Valencia, who had passed the pre-selection audition: education grant for 811 €
. Alojamiento y desayuno para todos los concursantes mientras dure su
participación en el Certamen I Lodging and breakfast for all participants during the competition.

Every year, the International Guitar Competition “Francisco Tárrega” is held in Benicàssim, honouring the memory of the greatest local composer and musician, Francisco Tárrega Eixea, who not only renewed performing techniques but succeeded in creating a school of such outstanding novelty that it still remains alive and active. The origin of the competition goes back to the collaboration of Leopoldo Querol, who spent his holidays in Benicàssim and was eventually named favourite son of Benicàssim. During his summer rest he assumed the yearly task of gathering the decisions of the jury members.

The competition started modestly, but from the beginning it sought dignity, prestige and the recognition of guitar players, critics and audiences alike. It was in 1965 when the Centre of Initiatives and Tourism of Benicàssim awarded the idea of holding a guitar competition to extend the tourist season and at the same time offer a singular attraction in the last stage of the summer period.

Besides the prizes and the fact of belonging to the World Federation of International Music Competitions of the UNESCO, it enjoys the prestige of being the only competition of its speciality in Spain counting with an orchestra in its final phase. In this way, through its 34 years of life the competition has gained a position between the most important events of the world in any music speciality. The effort of Benicàssim Town Hall, that of the sponsors, both public and private and the Organising Committee should be mentioned. Since the increase of the value of the prizes, exceeding four million pesetas at present, the concerts and the recording of an album by the winner, going through thousands of small details, characterising and guaranteeing a singular event recognised by everybody. But the Competition would be nothing without the participants.

In fact, its number has been increasing since the first editions, showing the prestige it was gradually acquiring. All young guitar talents meet in Benicàssim, hoping to obtain some of the important awards granted to the winners, taking into account that the prestige of success in this musical meeting means a more solid reputation and the opening of many doors to the most important concert halls. Guitarists of the five continents have transformed the Competition into a true gathering of nations united by the enthusiasm of the guitar and the glorious memory for the name of Tarrega. In 2014, the XLVIII edition was held.