Orquestra Vigo 430

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Sede | Head Office:
Avenida Fragoso, 31, 9a B
36210 Vigo, Pontevedra

Móvil l Cell phone: (+34) 655 754 431
Web: www.vigo430.com
e-mail: info@vigo430.com

Director artístico | Artistic Director: Javier Escobar

Orquestra Sinfónica Vigo 430 – OSV430
Director titular | Principal Conductor: Alejandro Garrido

Orquestra Xove Vigo 430 – OXV430
Director titular | Principal Conductor: Marcos Escobar

Orquestra Barroca Vigo430 – OBV430
Director titular | Principal Conductor: Alfonso Sebastián

Producción y distribución | Production and Distribution: Ismael Arias
Administración: | Administration: Ana Novoa
Coordinación técnica: | Technical Coordination: Ana Shi
Coordinación artística: | Artistic Coordination: Julia Estévez

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The Orquestra Vigo 430 was created in 2005, with the idea of creating a quality string core in Galicia, working in its first years as a small chamber ensemble and as from 2008 it progressively tackled a symphonic repertoire in the group, today known as Orquestra Sinfónica Vigo 430 – OSV430. Integrated by professional musicians, it is completed with many of the most brilliant performers of the prolific musical “pool” of Galicia, to which may be added the enriching contribution of musicians coming from other regions and countries who extend the training, creative and dissemination work of the project 430.

The artistic director of the orchestra is Javier Escobar and as principal conductor, Alejandro Garrido, one of the most significant new musicians of our country, who tries to get the best result of all the talents placed at his disposal.

From its creation until today, it has been recognised by the media and public alike for its rigour and daring in performance, thanks to its freshness and vitality on the stage and its extraordinary programme quality, counting with the artistic collaboration of Christophe Coin, Gordan Nikolic, Alexis Cárdenas, David Quiggle, Margarita Escarpa, Nicolas Dautricourt, Javier Perianes and a long etcetera, to mention but a few.

Since 2012 it has been organising two important musical series per year in the city of Vigo: the Symphonic Programme of Autumn and Spring, achieving the support and protection of the citizens as a whole and recognition in the Region.

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Besides its regular programme, since last year it counts with a young group, the Orquestra Xove Vigo 430 – OXV430, that performs a series of musical encounters throughout the year and with the intention of giving instrument players of the Schools of Music yet another option to be trained and at the same time, serves as the future orchestra pool.

This year the orchestra (2014) is also the organiser of the prestigious honorary prizes “David Russell” for young talents whose profits are destined to humanitarian causes.

Moreover, the Orchestra has just presented its chamber group specialised in Baroque music and under the baton of Alfonso Sebastián, as the conductor of the Orquestra Barroca Vigo 430 – OBV430, which will allow us not to lose sight of one of the main aims of the project: the search of excellence of its string section and the dissemination of ancient music.

In the discographic section, the Orquestra Vigo 430 is participating in a project with Nicolas Dautricourt: the complete work for violin and orchestra by Jean Sibelius. Furthermore, a first album may be found in the market and a first DVD with Alexis Cárdenas.