Real Filharmonía de Galicia

FILHARMONIA logo TRSede | Head Office:
Auditorio de Galicia
Burgo das Nacións, s/n
15705 Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña
Teléfono | Telephone: (+34) 981 552 290

Equipo Técnico I Technical Team

Coordinadora de Actividades l Event Coordinator: Mariluz González
Producción | Production: Esther Calvo
Administración | Administration: Aurora Díaz
Archivera | Archive: María del Carmen Lorenzo
Utillero | Equipment: Francisco Fernández


The Real Filharmonía de Galicia emerges from the Galician Government in 1996 with a vocation in consonance with the universality of the city where it has its head office. The Consorcio de la Ciudad de Santiago de Compostela is the institution entrusted with the management that with a farseeing pedagogical vision, it integrated the Escuela de Altos Estudios Musicales where young talents may study with professional orchestras and where professors of the R.F.G. may develop their entire didactic and creative capacity.

In itself, this orchestra represents the concept of an open, conciliating and friendly spirit of which music is all about. It consists of fifty musicians from different origins who consolidate their artistic development in an enriching environment, and already called to a common and unifying destiny they converge like the end of a pilgrimage in this cosmopolitan and constantly evolving city which is no other than Santiago de Compostela. They have been accompanied by the maestros Helmuth Rilling, first principal conductor thereof who contributed the energy and push necessary to start this project; Antoni Ros Marbá, who consolidated his career and Paul Daniel, new principal conductor since January 2013, who with a very personal identity due to his career as conductor for 10 years with the English National Opera and as symphonic conductor of the main European orchestras has already consolidated a new phase with the R.F.G.


Musicians of recognised prestige have collaborated with the R.F.G. in unforgettable concerts: Frank Peter Zimmermann, Daniel Hope or Vadim Repin; Natalia Gutman, Lluís Clatet or Enrico Dindo; Joaquín Achúcarro, Rudolf Buchbinder or María Joao Pires. Singers like Teresa Berganza, Thomas Quatshoff or Matthias Goerne. And of course, conductors like Frans Brüggen, Juanjo Mena, David Afkham, Josep Pons or Christoph König, current guest conductor, have taken the baton of the orchestra. Also Maximino Zumalave from Santiago de Compostela who keeps a close relation with the orchestra.

The Real Filharmonía de Galicia has a stable season in the Auditorio de Galicia de Santiago de Compostela, besides participating in tours and concerts on stages of Germany, Austria, France, Argentina or Portugal. Of course, it is present in the main Spanish cities, worthy of interest being its fixed participation in the cultural season of Vigo.

In its discography, it is important to mention works dedicated to Manuel de Falla and Frederic Mompou, edited in 2009 and Maurice Ravel in 2012. Its last album, edited in 2013, Variaciones in which it is accompanied by the soprano María Bayo paying homage to Maestro Antón García Abril.