Fundación García Fajer


Head Office:
San Andrés, 37
26500 Calahorra, La Rioja

Telephone: (+34) 941 134227
Web Classical Festival:

President: Anselmo Fernández Vizcaíno
Academic Director: Irina Yonkova

The Fundación García Fajer was born in 2005 in La Rioja aimed at rescuing and disseminating the vast work of Francisco Javier García Fajer, the most relevant Spanish composer of the 18th century. It intends to assist and be a reference for young talents in string instruments who wish to become top professionals. For such a purpose, the Fundación promotes, maintains and encourages the Centro Internacional de Excelencia de Cuerda (CIEC), where young talents of string instruments from all over the world are trained. Currently, the CIEC is developed in two cities: Calahorra (Palacio de Carramiñana) and Logroño (Centro Fundación CajaRioja-Bankia Gran Vía). In the ten years of life of the Foundation, 250 students have passed through its lecture rooms, basically from East Europe and Asia. Today, many of them are part of the elite of the world musical scenario.


In 2015, the Foundation celebrates its tenth anniversary and has started a programme with concert series, activities and exhibitions. Classical, an annual festival which celebrated its first edition last January in La Rioja, is worthy of mention. Classical hopes to be a unique event of chamber music in Spain, both for the novelty of its format and the excellence in the programme which it proposes for its first edition. This chamber music festival is the earliest in Spain, as it is held during the second week of January, with a great international projection where an intense programme of work is proposed: there are master classes for young talents, chosen in castings all over Europe and furthermore, an ambitious concert programme. In the first edition, the audience of the Fundación enjoyed figures like Pavel Gomziakov, Tatiana Samouil, Natasha Tchitch and Sergey Ostrovsky, who enchanted the audiences in Calahorra and Logroño, with a full house in all their concerts.


The Foundation is also outstanding for its work in other areas. The Proyecto Alba is the best example, an initiative that trains handicapped people in learning the technique of string instruments and musical language. The Foundation breaks taboos with this project. In 2013 it analysed different initiatives of musical training for handicapped people. It was surprised to discover that in the field of string music, viola and violin were not found in any project. Hence, in collaboration with the Asociación Riojana Pro-Personas con Discapacidad Intelectual (ARPS), the Foundation started working and developed a proposal to create its own methodology. The Proyecto Alba intends to promote the independence and reinforces the self-worth of people with an intellectual handicap.The violinist Ara Malikian is the godfather of the initiative.

Recently, the Fundación García Fajer has established a new office in Madrid, the Centro Riojano de Madrid (Serrano, 25). The aim of the two organisations is to promote activities of a cultural, educational, scientific and civic order.

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