Fundación Autor de la SGAE

Head office: Fundación Autor
C/Bárbara de Braganza, 7
28004 Madrid
Telephone: (+34) 91 503 68 00

President: Antonio Onetti
Alternate President: Mariano Marín
Secretary: Raquel García García
General Manager: Xosé Luis García Canido

The Fundación Autor was born in 1997 with the purpose of developing social, welfare and promotional activities to support authorship, creativity and culture. In these sixteen years of career, the Fundación Autor has become one of the most important cultural agitators in Spain, serving as a reference for other Latin American and European societies when choosing a model for proceeding.
The aid programmes offered by the Fundación Autor are aimed at both young talents who are beginning their career and those who are half way through their career, as well as those that have devoted their lives in working.

Within contemporary music and in the field of creativity of the youngest authors, worthy of mention is the Premio Jóvenes Compositores, called for the first time in 1987, which has reached in 2013 its 24th edition and has awarded throughout its history authors of an early age, discovering young talents who have been consolidating their career with the passing of time. Premio Jóvenes Compositor has been awarded to Agustí Charles, Mauricio Sotelo, Joseba Torre, Sergio Blardony, Pilar Jurado or Eneko Vadillo, among others.
Likewise, one of the fundamental concerns of the Fundación Autor has been the encouragement of creativity. Hence, important support activities have been developed like, for example, the system of incentives for creativity which, since its implementation in 2006 has supported the creation of more than eighty orchestral works of a new repertoire, commissioned and on proposal of the different member orchestras of the AEOS.

In this way, it has made an essential effort to contribute to contemporary music programming by Spanish orchestras within their concert series and tours. Among others and thanks to this programme, works by various composers have been performed for the first time, like César Camarero, Benet Casablancas, David del Puerto, Consuelo Diez, Jacobo Durán-Loriga, Gabriel Erkoreka, Manuel Moreno-Buendía, Jesús Rueda, Eduardo Soutullo or Jesús Torres.
The Fundación Autor has also wanted to be an active programmer within the scenario of contemporary music concerts and series, collaborating with different institutions and festivals, to bring to the public works by creators. Among others, worthy of mention is the annual collaboration with the CNDM series (formerly CDMC), the Festival Internacional de Música Contemporánea de Tres Cantos or the Festival Leo Brouwer de Música de Cámara.

Of course, the group of author and editor associations of symphonic and chamber music have found in the Fundación Autor encouragement to develop their professional work, through support to their presence in international markets like the Midem or Musikmesse, or the joint development and support of their work, with programmes like edition incentives, support of the symphony edition of sound track works and their performance by orchestras, etc.
Those authors that have devoted their whole lives to contemporary music also find aid in the Fundación Autor, which organises homages to place value on their career, also contributing to promote a greater dissemination of their works: the centenary of the death of Ruperto Chapí, the 60th anniversary of the death of Joaquín Turina, Agustín Bertomeu, Agustín González Acilu, Valentín Ruiz, Marlos Nobre or Leo Brouwer, among others, have been the reason to pay homage by the Fundación Autor. This recognition to the most hallowed contemporary music, receives its paramount expression with the introduction of the Premio SGAE de la Música Iberoamericana “Tomás Luis de Victoria”, one of the most important prizes within current composition and which has recognised the work of creators like Harold Gramatges, Joan Guinjoan, Antón García Abril, Luis de Pablo or Josep Soler, among others.

In 2013, this accumulated experience resulted in the Fundación Autor de la SGAE implementing a strategic support plan to authors taking on the fields of research, training, dissemination and promotion. The institution has invested more than one million Euros in an aid programme to foster creativity and encourage the international promotion of the repertoire, 66% more than 2012.
Hence, and in the specific case of classical contemporary music, the way has been paved to a new system of aids and travels for member authors of the SGAE and an aid system to international tours for musical groups interested in the foreign dissemination of the repertoire of our symphony composers. It has renewed the incentive system for premieres, incorporating a new incentive for works written for symphony bands. Once again it has called the Premio Tomás Luis de Victoria and the Premio Jóvenes Compositores, and has created new repertoire support and dissemination projects.
For the first time, since 2013, the Fundación Autor organises the Semana de la Ópera Actual offering a programme of debates, projections, a children’s workshop and the live performance of chamber operas, with the purpose of gauging the realities and wishes of the sector and offering a sample of the most modern opera creation. A project that has managed to revive the opera Tres Desechos en Forma de Ópera, by Jorge Fernández Guerra, and has achieved the performance for the first time in Madrid of the last production of the opera by Butxaca, Dido & Aeneas Reloaded, a work with music by the young Catalonian composers Xavier Bonfill, Raquel García Tomás, Joan Magrané y Octavi Rumbau.
Also, in 2013, the Fundación Autor remembers one of the most relevant modern composers, Francisco Guerrero Marín, in a concert In Memoriam, under the baton and musical direction of José Ramón Encinar, who conducts Koan 2. Likewise, it participates in a new initiative to be held for the first time in Madrid, Expoclásica, a professional forum of the musical sector, where the presence of the contemporary music of our creators cannot be forgotten. All the latter, in its effort to disseminate the symphonic music repertoire and collaborating in our authors finding suitable forums to develop their profession, in which it will continue working in 2014.