Fundación Gredos San Diego

C/ San Moisés núm. 4
28018 Madrid
Telephone: (+34) 915 23 08 95/ 917 86 13 47

President: Rubén Cruz Orive
Vice-President: Alfredo Martínez Pardo
Secretary: Raquel García García
Managing Director: Francisco Javier Barrero Jareño
Project Coordinator: Paloma Cruz García

The Fundación GSD is a non-profit institution promoted by the Cooperativa Gredos San Diego. The Fundación was created by the cooperative when reaching an important development thanks to new Schools and projects, it was believed necessary to have an efficient tool that manages the improvement of educational quality in centres and would be launched outside towards the public, with a prestige accumulated for many years due to good practise in the educational field. In this way, a group of members of the Steering Committee constituted the Fundación on July 6th 2005.
The goals of the Fundación GSD may be defined as the development of cultural, educational, sports, environmental, pleasure and free time activities, as well as promotion of Social Economy in general and cooperativism particularly, without forgetting other goals like development cooperation and the promotion of social action projects and of a primary care.

Among the varied cultural activities, the musical area is very well attended by the Cooperativa Gredos San Diego. Of the 14,000 students rendered educational services, it maintains a Music School with an average of 1,000 students per year. Classes are given for all types of instruments, piano, guitar, violin, wood and metal wind, percussion and musical and vocal groups are created. Moreover, the cooperative is the owner of the Centro Profesional de Música Gredos San Diego.
Based on reality and this experience, the Fundación bets on compatible musical projects which help outsiders to appreciate the level of excellence achieved in the educational community.
More specifically, the musical projects promoted by the Fundación GSD may be highlighted which actually are four, with a great impact and different level of complexity, like the intercentre student choir Gredos San Diego, of high voices, the adult choir, Fundación GSD, the Concurso Internacional de Canto Villa de Colmenar Viejo and the Concurso Internacional de Guitarra Clásica Gredos San Diego. Beginning with the intercentre choir, there already existed choirs in some of the 8 schools, but 3 years ago an idea was promoted from the Fundación to create an intercentre choir of high voices, involving for such a purpose, the maestro José de Felipe as conductor thereof.

There are great logistic difficulties in the operation of this choir, since the centres are from El Escorial to Alcala de Henares or from Buitrago to Vallecas. All the latter are overcome with the support of the Fundación and the collaboration and commitment of parents.
In the concert held on June 1st 2013, the programme included the Stabat Mater, by Giovani Pergolesi, which gave a good idea of the technical evolution of this marvellous choir.
With the oldest students a youth choir has also been created under the direction of the soprano Lola Ruiz López.
Also from the Fundación, the constitution of the Coro Fundación GSD has been promoted under the direction of Professor Jerónimo Marín, baritone and oboist. This mixed adult choir has 65 members and has achieved in little time (one year and a half) a high technical and aesthetic level, taking on difficult repertoires ranging from Maestros of the Renaissance to Verdi.