Dirección General de Cultura-Institución Príncipe de Viana

Head office: Department of Culture, Tourism and Institutional Relations
C/ Navarrería, 39
31001 Pamplona
Telephone: (+34) 848 42 46 75
e-mail: culturayturismo@navarra.es
Web: http:// www.culturanavarra.es

Head of the Artistic Dissemination Section: Yolanda Osés Perez

The General Directorate of Culture of the Navarra Government promotes artistic programmes supporting both subjects of interest rooted in the Navarra society and those not having special reference in the normal programme, besides creating a recreation and cultural agenda for summer in singular venues all over the Navarran territory. Cultur, Semana de Música Antigua de Estella, Ciclo de Música para Organo en Navarra y Coros del Camino, are the musical programmes the Navarran Government offers in 2013.

The programme Cultur takes music to venues impregnated with history or beautiful natural landscapes by which citizens from Navarra, tourists and travellers visiting us may enjoy shows in very especial surroundings in the summer heat. Classical music, folklore, jazz, pop and choral music integrate a programme that from Monday to Sunday takes place in 34 singular venues like the Orgi oak grove, the Iranzu monasteries, La Oliva or Leire, Santa María de Ujué, the Cerco of Artajona, the caves of Zugarramurdi or the Marcilla castle.

Linked to the historic heritage and the importance of Estella in the Santiago Way, the Semana de Música Antigua de Estella has been offering an example of the best ancient European, medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music for forty-four years. In 2013, a new format, smaller than in previous editions, has been released, but with the same quality that marks it as one of the reference events of the Spanish musical panorama. The 44th edition of the Semana is to be held between September 13th and 20th under the title “Donde confluyen los caminos: De J. F. de Iribarren a C. P. E. Bach” and includes three concerts in the church of San Miguel and four complementary activities, all of them performed by the Orquesta Barroca de Sevilla.

Organised since 1984, the Ciclo de Música para Órgano en Navarra aims to make both organs currently used in Navarra churches to be known, as well as the music written for these instruments. Since the end of August to the end of October 2013 the XXVIIII edition takes place including concerts, exhibitions, conferences, guided visits and meetings with organists participating in the series.
Coros del Camino intends to combine two important Navarran cultural traditions. On the one hand, the historic heritage linked to towns and cities of the Santiago Way and on the other, the great choral tradition as may be seen by the large number of choirs in Navarra and their intense activity. Navarra is an important landmark in the Santiago Way. Crossing the Pyrenees approaches the pilgrims to their goal next to Finisterre. It is the French way that begins in Orreaga/Roncesvalles, the one which has the longest history as the official Way, but together to this run, other alternative ways have been arising: the Aragon Way, the Ebro Way or the Baztan Way.
Today, more than 25 years after the declaration of the Santiago Way as a European Cultural Route, the relevance of this way today remains intact and nowadays is more attractive than ever, thanks to the importance of this tourist, heritage and vital pathways. In collaboration with the Federación de Coros de Navarra, the Navarra Government offers a varied programme of choral music in more than forty venues of the four itineraries of the Santiago Way in Navarra. This programme takes place on weekends from September 21st to the end of November.