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ClasicaEs GmbH
Viena (Austria)

Head Office:
Scheibenbergstrasse 38 Top1/11
1180 Wien (Austria)

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Artistic Director: Lucía Castelló

ClasicaEs is an Austrian Company, founded in Vienna in April 2015, dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of important works of Spanish classical music, especially those forgotten or practically unknown and those of new creation. Its artistic direction is entrusted to Lucía Castelló, a soprano with an extended musical career and committed since an early age with the international dissemination of Spanish culture.

The work of ClasicaEs starts out from an artistic concern focussed on a specific subject that leads to the search, selection and study of scores related to it, and the preparation of a programme performed in a concert.

ClasicaEs then tackles a discographic recording project of those musical contents, carried out with the cooperation of excellent technical means. The end product, ready for sale, guarantees the quality of the sound recording and the booklet with programme notes and texts translated to English, German and French, as well as design, photography and printing.

ClasicaEs counts in its catalogue with three albums:

Canciones para Platero

The programme is framed in the commemoration of the centenary of the first edition of Platero y yo, the best known work by Juan Ramón Jiménez. The musical repertoire is integrated by songs based on texts belonging to the poetical books known as the Moguer stage —the period between 1906 and 1912—, which were written by Juan Ramón coinciding with the developmental stage of Platero y yo. The album, recorded in Vienna in November 2014 also includes works by Federico Mompou, Carlos Pedrell, Manuel Castillo, Salvador Bacarisse, Joaquín Rodrigo, Manuel Asíns Arbó and Antón García Abril, performed by Lucía Castelló and Alejandro Zabala (ten of them in the first recording), different fragments of Platero recited by Adrián Artacho.


This proposes a musical run through the work of Cervantes, to celebrate the 400th anniversary of his death. What better way to commemorate the work of the most brilliant of our writers than listen to some of his finest texts with music by prestigious Spanish contemporary composers: Antón García Abril, Leonardo Balada, Carlos Palacio and Matilde Salvador, Lucía Castelló and Alejandro Zabala perform this album executed in the studios of the prestigious National Austrian Radio (ORF) in October 2015.

La luz de tu interior. Songs of Antón García Abril 2010-2015

In this album, recorded in the Liszt Hall of Raiding (Austria), in November 2016, Lucía Castelló and Alejandro Zabala made the last vocal compositions of one of the most representative creators of our music known. This monographic work counts with important novelties, since it includes the first recordings of Siete canciones sobre textos populares andaluces and Tres nombres de mujer.

            Antón García Abril. Works for Voice and String Quartet

Performers: Lucía Castelló, Cuarteto Bretón and Alejandro Zabala.          

This fourth album includes the complete works until now of the recording of the composer from Teruel for voice and string quartet. Following the order of the album, we may listen to Canciones del Jardín Secreto, a collection of five songs based on Arabic-Andalusian poems; Tríptico sobre poemas de Antonio Gala, for soprano, string quartet and piano; Rubaiyyat, over a text of Omar ibn al-Jayyam; and Canciones de noche y estrellas, based on poems of Isabel Rey. In the recording, the new reviews and versions are included (Rubaiyyat and the Tríptico…) made by Antón García Abril in July 2017, such that the album includes, again, world premieres (except for the first work, which had already been recorded some months before).

Recorded in the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando de Madrid in December 2017 by José Miguel Martínez, the album was presented on the 85th birthday of the composer, a homage of ClasicaEs to García Abril. Once again, a format of flawless booklet with a translation of the texts in English, German and French accompanying a magnificent version of the performers.

            Manuel de Falla, Complete Works for Voice and Piano

            Performers: Lucía Castelló and Alejandro Zabala.

ClasicaEs will present in December 2018 its album dedicated to the composer Manuel de Falla, including two absolute premieres: Canción de niñas, unpublished works until now and with a text of the composer himself and Seguidillas murcianas, a first version of the second song of the series Siete canciones populares españolas (Seven Spanish Popular Songs). The recording was made in May 2018 in Austria, again in the Lisztzentrum Hall of Raiding entrusted to Jens Jamin.

            ClasicaES will launch the album with the support of the Fundación Manuel de Falla, in an event that the Foundation will make the score of Canción de niñas, still unpublished, to be officially known.

Lucía Castelló

She was born in Gandía, Valencia. Lucía Castelló has been working since 2014 with the Spanish pianist Alejandro Zabala. The artistic couple has performed in concerts with different programmes of Spanish songs in several European concert halls, among others in the Musikverein of Vienna. Lucía Castelló is the founder and director of ClasicaEs.

Lucía Castelló, Alejandro Zabala y Antón García Abril en el estudio del compositor.