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ClassicVet S. L.
Producciones y Comunicación

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Management: Caridad Gascón
Design and Project management: Pedro Téllez

Classic Vet S. L. Producciones y Comunicación was created in 2006 as an editorial service company and a media agency. It was born sheltered by several regular publications of varied matters, like the magazine Solo Mascotas, Información Veterinaria and Actualidad Veterinaria (Vet sector) and the editorial services of Melómano and Más Jazz (musical sector), giving rise to its commercial name, Classic Vet.  After a number of years publishing vet and pet magazines and rendering its editorial and image services to Orfeo Ediciones, it later became the Agencia de la Fundación Orfeo, allowing it an important penetration in the classical music world.

All this previous experience has made Classic Vet understand that the sector needs a complete renewal and modernisation in its ways of operating, communication and relating itself, which impelled it to make this step, which will be decisive for the musical institutions of Spain, their artists and their public.

Hence, today, ClassicVet S. L. is consolidated as a media agency, offering integral solutions both to artists and ensembles and companies and institutions in the field: from the creation of its corporate image, web page and social networks, until the negotiation of publicity packs with the media of greatest impact, to adapt to current public demands and increase their visibility and capacity of business.

In recent years, numerous media agencies have emerged offering their services to companies and musical institutions, groups, festivals and individual artists. It was something demanded by the sector and the results can be seen. Classic Vet goes beyond and gives a decisive step towards modernisation and technological adaptation of the sector, offering its on-line service, facilitating technological and modern solutions as a complement to the traditional activity of classical media agencies.

Service Offered by ClassicVet

- Creation of corporate image: selection of name, design of logotypes, personalisation of typographies, development of advertising pages and banners, etc.

- Creation of responsive web pages adapted to the different devices.

- Review, correction and linguistic assessment of texts.

- Preparation of contents: biographies, curriculums, dossiers, etc.

- Design and layout of graphic and publicity elements.

- Creation and management of social networks (community management): Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

- Creation and management of digital contents: YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Spotify, etc.

- Personalised media packs.

- Personalised publicity solutions.

- Professional Image making.

- Professional audio and video recording and edition.

- Creation of APPs for iOS and Android.