Concurso Internacional de Piano Esteban Sánchez

Concurso Internacional de Piano Esteban Sánchez

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Fundación Escuela Oficial de Música y Artes Escénicas de Cáceres, FEMAE
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With the purpose of invigorating the teaching of music and promote the exchange between students and teachers, the Fundación de Música y Artes Escénicas de Cáceres, together with the Government of Extremadura, Provincial County Councils and Town Halls of Caceres and Badajoz, Town Halls of Plasencia, Mérida and Orellana la Vieja last June the VII Concurso Internacional de Piano Esteban Sánchez was held.

Esteban Sánchez is considered as one of the most important personalities of piano in the 20th century thanks to his faculties and own merits. With a solid rural rooting and an intense career full of international awards, wished that his educational and professional effort would be performed in Extremadura. One of Sanchez’s characteristics as a role player of piano in the last century is the tremendous amount of material he composed and which, by means of this prize, is released, since on entering into this work, it means to give faith of fusion between different aesthetics of the 20th century and the popular music of oral tradition, especially that of his Extremadura land.

The 7th edition of the Competition was held between June 22nd and 30th 2018 in the cities of Caceres, Plasencia, Mérida, Badajoz and Orellana, and was divided in three different categories: child category for participants up to 13 years old on January 1st 2018; Youth category up to 18 years old on January 1st 2018 and Concert performers up to 30 years old on January 1st 2018. The test for the three categories consists in performing before a jury a work of free choice and another selected by the jury among those included in the programme presented by them.

The prizes in this edition consisted of: in the child category, the Esteban Sánchez Award and a diploma and also an endowment of 250 euros. In the youth category, the Esteban Sánchez award and diploma, and an endowment of 500 euros. Finally, in the concert player category, the Esteban Sánchez Award and diploma, besides a concert in the Complejo Cultural «San Francisco» in Cáceres and an endowment of 1,000 euros.

The Fundación Escuela Oficial de Música y Artes Escénicas de Caceres (FEMAE) is the main promotor of this Competition. Its main target is to contribute to the educational and cultural development of Extremadura through musical training, so that each one of its students reaches his/her maximum potential as an artist, besides offering an alternative of private musical teaching based on an educational methodology par excellence gathering national and international professional experiences and views.

Its head office in Caceres provides a service to more than 500 students, becoming the most important Performing Arts Centre of Extremadura. It also counts with an official music itinerary.

The essence of the Foundation has not changed over the years, but it has been enhancing its activity and widening targets. FEMAE is a centre in continuous growth annually incorporating new educational and socio-cultural activities which complement and favour musical training of a transverse character and the personal development of our students.

Antonio Luis Suárez Barquero, presidente de la FEMAE

Antonio Luis Suárez Moreno, director académico de la FEMAE