Dúo de trompa y piano Bonet / Gómez-Morán


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Javier Bonet,  french horn
Miriam Gómez-Morán,  piano

Miriam Gómez-Morán and Javier Bonet may be proud of being one of the very few stable duets of horn and piano all over the world and without a shadow of doubt the only one capable of presenting at the highest level performances with original instruments together with contemporary creations. Great musicians with perfectly established individual careers, these two lively performers have brought, since they started collaborating in 2004, the repertoire for this duet to halls all over the world, being worthy of special mention the recital they gave in February 2017 at New York’s Carnegie Hall.

Their discographic works are also outstanding. For the ARSIS label, they have recorded using original instruments an album with music by J. F. Dauprat, Tableau Musical, another one with classical sonatas for natural horn and piano forte (Ries, Krufft, Danzi and Czerny) and with modern instruments, Romances pour cor et piano. The most recent, Just for Fun, for the new label EXAUDIO, being a collection of universal pieces of music with transcription by J. Bonet himself.

They also work in parallel repertoires in the domain of chamber music as a trio with soprano (with a programme based on the work by Schubert Auf dem Strom) or the trio with violin, always with outstanding performers.

Their next project in which they are already working, is the commission to important Spanish composers of works created especially for them, which will be released and recorded in the first six month period of 2019.

‘…The exquisite performance, in which Bonet and Gómez-Morán seem to be entranced with the sound of their own instruments (noble and pure in the horn, with a transparent liveliness in the keyboard), accurately responding to the proposal of Dauprat, stressing the virtues of a sound forgotten today, transforming the contents of this album in a true feast for the senses …’

(Tableau Musical, Melómano No. 100)

‘…Every one knowns the great difficulty of playing an instrument like the natural horn and especially when the repertoire is completely romantic with chromatic touches and excerpts of virtuosity. Now then, these technical difficulties are solved by Javier Bonet with an incredible ease, at the same as an admirable musical flawlessness…’

 (Sonatas para trompa y fortepiano, D. Santacecilia, Audio Clásica)

‘…It is not normal to find a publication with the horn as the main instrument, and even less, forming a duet with a piano. The first thing that is attractive is its deep musicality and the respect with which Bonet shows each one of these compositions, always attentive to extract the poetic sense and the expressivity overwhelming all of them. To define his vision of this music, he has chosen as a travel companion Miriam Gómez-Morán from Madrid, who offers an extremely delicate accompaniment, caring and measuring to perfection her role in the performance, allowing the main instrument to be heard, but taking the lead when the moment so requires …’

(Romanzas para trompa y piano, Ritmo No. 860, February 2013)

‘…a totally innovating performance, with the horn as the soloist alternating with the piano, which completes an accompaniment work with moments of great clarity, occasions on which the great career  of both performers and the sublime quality of the transcriptions for horn and piano.’

(Just for Fun, Ana R. Colmenarejo, Melómano No. 241, May 2018)

Disco Tableau musical (Arsis 4191).

Concierto en el Carnegie Hall