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Artistic Director: Lucía Martín-Maestro Verbo
Codirecting and Coordination: Fabiana Sans Arcílagos
Members: Lucía Martín-Maestro Verbo, Fabiana Sans Arcílagos, María Martín del Río,
Carmen Busquets Ferrer, Claudia García Briceño

The female ensemble Egeria was born as a professional project created and led by the musicologists Lucía Martín-Maestro and Fabiana Sans, bound to one another by a strong interest in the research and recovery of the Spanish medieval repertoire. Its members, all professionals of musicology and singing, trained in the most important centres of Spain, Europe and America, with the best specialists in the subject, combine a great experience, both in the world of performing and research.

The main goal of Egeria is emphasise the historical and musicological relevance of some of the most important codices in the universal history of music which, moreover, were compiled and cared for in Spain. Always setting out from the rigour of research, the search and contrast with original sources, the main repertoire of Egeria is based on monadic and polyphonic sacred music coming from the main medieval manuscripts located in the Iberian Peninsula, like the Códice de Madrid, the Códice de las Huelgas, the Llibre Vermell de Montserrat or the Códice Calixtino. However, the ultimate aim of the group is to offer a novel approach and a renewed perception of this type of repertoire, always from a contemporary perspective and attending to the necessities of the listener of the 21st century. Hence, the goal of the group is to bring the music contained in these texts to new spaces and present it to new audiences, removing it from this halo of exclusivity that has always been given to make it extensive to all types of publics.

The pieces integrating its programmes have been carefully selected, always with the purpose of offering the public the most complete scenario possible of the repertoire to which a voice is given, within coherence, versatility and dynamism that a concert of this type requires. Moreover, as its purpose is to approach medieval music to all audiences, it also performs concerts with explanatory conferences, educational concerts and medieval music workshops adapted to the listener’s requirements.

This year, Egeria works in two different projects:

En Terras Despanya: this is a mixed programme in which pieces of the aforementioned medieval manuscripts are combined.

Iacobus Yspanias: a monographic programme with pieces extracted from the Códice Calixtino.

The wide variety in the contents included in these codices, allows them to adapt the repertoire to very different circumstances, giving them the opportunity of performing different combinations to attend to all classes of thematic necessity. Moreover, both programmes are prepared to be performed both a capella and with instrumental accompaniment, always in favour of performing the best version thereof according to context and space. Hence, although the main core of the Egeria group is the vocal quintet, the group regularly counts with the collaboration of other specialised musicians in the performance of historic instruments like the citole, fibula, zanfoña or medieval percussion, which contribute to enrichen the scenic and sonorous proposal.

In a little more than two years, Egeria has performed more than twenty concerts throughout Spain, has participated in different early music festivals and its work has been widely recognised and hailed by the greatest specialists in medieval music of Spain.