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Eudora Records

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Pioneers in Spain in surround recording and in high resolution formats like DSD and DXD, Eudora Records has become an international reference among the audiophile labels in spite of its youth.

Created in 2014, it has harvested the most laudatory reviews, as well as two nominations for the prestigious ICMA Awards (International Classical Music Awards). The philosophy of the label is to search for excellence during the entire process, from the recording sessions to the final product, only publishing a few carefully selected releases a year.

Enthusiasts of the world of recording, Eudora Records works with an exclusive and top mobile team allowing the most natural and transparent capture possible of the performance and acoustic characteristics of the space chosen, and it is there where its philosophy is rooted: that of searching for maximum transparency with the idea of transporting the hearer to a real environment and performance, the secret of a great recording.

All its productions are published in SACD multichannel (compatible with standard CD players), together with regular digital channels (Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal etc.) are available in high definition download formats in specialised on-line shops like Highresaudio, HDTracks, NativeDSD, Qobuz or E-Onkyo, among others.

Some of the artists who have worked with Eudora Records are Ricardo Gallén, Josep Colom, Joaquín Riquelme, Enrique Bagaría, Petrit Çeku, Jonas Nordberg, David Apellániz, Aitzol Iturriagagoitia, Ana María Valderrama and Víctor del Valle, to mention but a few.

Founded by Gonzalo Noqué and María José Belotto, Eudora Records also completes recording for other record labels through the producer Noqué Studio (

‘This recording receives the award for the best recording of my collection of a Steinway D piano. The sound is crystalline, capturing each nuance of performance. […] I am so enamoured by the quality of this recording that any record label that wishes to record a piano repertoire, should contract the services of Gonzalo Noqué and permit him to apply his magic for them.’

Mark Novak,

‘As to be expected, the Eudora recording is marvellously detailed and spacious, the tone of the instrument is represented faithfully. […] From the point of view of sound, the DSD recording of Eudora is clearly superior to recordings by BIS and Hyperion.’

Dan Morgan, MusicWeb International

‘This SACD confirms that the label engineers have reached a rare feng sui. The sound of the piano, perfectly recorded, fills the room where one is sitting as if we were just in the centre, in the third row of the hall.’

Fritz Balwit, Audiophile Audition