Fidelio Artist

Fidelio Artist
Public Relations Agency

Head Office:
Gran Via de Carles III, 58-60, Esc. C, Entlo. 2ª
08028 Barcelona

Telephone: (+34) 933 192 134
Facebook: @FidelioArtist
Twitter: @FidelioArtist

Fidelio Team
Manel Cereijo:
Accounts Manager
Valentina Scavaortz:

Fidelio Artist is the first Spanish brand image consulting company for artists, theatres and festivals. Its head office is in Barcelona and consists of professionals with wide experience in the field of communications and public relations as well as cultural management.

It is a company specialised in defining and performing rigorous communication strategies leading to reinforce the image of performers and artistic entities related to the field of classical music. To achieve the aims proposed it develops different public relation events together with effective marketing strategies. Its goal is to assure that the career or artistic management of its customers are reflected in an increase of fame both in the professional circuit and in public opinion. Moreover, Fidelio Artist promotes a permanent dialogue with theatres, entities, institutions, agents, the media and the public at large. The keys of its efficiency are professionalism, experience, personalised attention and the best management and control of resources.

Services for Artists

- Image: Fidelio makes a tailored suit to support artists’ careers, designing and defining a new image to be crea­tively projected in the market.

- Press and communication: Fidelio guides and assesses its artists in decision making affecting their public image and in the dissemination of their artistic achievements, connecting them with the most suitable media (daily press, specialised press, social networks, etc.).

- Web pages: a web page is the letter of presentation of an artist, his or her image, home and spirit, as well as his or her meeting point with fans, theatres and media. Fidelio designs, produces and continuously updates the web pages of its artists.

- Artistic and production management of photographic reports: Fidelio transforms the image an artist requires in a splendid set of photographs and it is made known by all the possible means at its reach.

- Video clips: the organisation of the photographic session. The general rehearsal. Scenes from the daily life of an artist to be discovered by his or her fans. Fidelio produces and edits the video of its artists.

- Promotional DVD’s: this is one of the most useful tools for event organisers, art directors of theatres and festivals, orchestral managers… An example of an artist’s work in audiovisual format is the best way to show his or her talents. Fidelio designs and produces their introduction letter in DVD format.

- Community manager: one of the most useful tools so your fans and followers feel you near, that know your achievements, your day by day… We believe, promote and maintain your Facebook page or your profiles in Twitter and Instagram: Fidelio guarantees you a constant presence in the social networks, the platforms which directly connect you with the world.

​​Annalisa Stroppa, mezzosoprano.

​​Celso Albelo, tenor.

​​Davinia Rodríguez, soprano.

​​Joel Prieto, tenor.

​​José Miguel Pérez-Sierra, director.

​​Riccardo Frizza, director.

​​María José Montiel, mezzosoprano.

​​Andrea Carè, tenor.