Fundación Orfeo

Fundación Orfeo
Valdemorillo (Madrid)

Head Office:
Calle Infanta Carlota, 17
28210 Valdemorillo (Madrid)

Telephone: (+34) 91 351 02 53



President: Alfonso Carraté

The Fundación Orfeo is a non-profit foundation aimed at, among other goals, enhancing knowledge and dissemination of classic music in Spain and, in particular, our music, authors and performers, with singular concern to young musicians.

Among the different activities targeted by the Fundación Orfeo, the following are included:

1) Premio Internacional de Interpretación ‘Intercentros Melómano’

It is an initiative established by the Fundación Orfeo in 2002 with the purpose of promoting the active involvement of the students of conservatories and approved schools of music in professional competitions, where their performance and effort are evaluated by a renowned prestigious jury. It is aimed at providing practical experience to musicians, so they may confront an audience and jury who considers not only their technical achievement but their performance.

2) Promotion of Young Musicians

          Through collaboration agreements with different musical and cultural institutions, orchestras, auditoriums and festivals, like the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation (AECID), the Orquesta Sinfónica RTVE or the International University of La Rioja (UNIR) the awarded musicians in ‘Intercentros Melómano’, have been able to complete international concert tours, like the guitar player Sara Guerrero Aguado in Malasia or the soprano Marta Estal Vera in Russia and Italia.

3) Collaboration with the National Action Plan on Drugs

          Through the awareness campaign according to its strategy for the period 2009-2016, as well as regional institutions responsible for the prevention of drug addiction.

          From 2008, ‘Intercentros Melómano’ serves as an awareness platform against drugs in the educational field of conservatories and approved schools of music all over the country, with an excellent result both due to dissemination of the campaign and for the acceptance received from students and professionals of teaching, the main receivers of the message. All of them join their voice against drugs, by means of their participation in ‘Intercentros Melómano’.

          Every year the purpose of the Fundación Orfeo is to make a message of ‘music, culture and pleasure as an alternative to the world of alcohol and drugs’ through slogans like ‘Music is a pleasure without side effects’, ‘Music, our escape, do not detune your life’ or ‘Stop drugs, I continue playing’.

4) Publication of books related to the classical music world

          Throughout its more than twenty years of history, the Fundación Orfeo has published the books Coros de EspañaBandas de Música en España or the current Libro de Oro de la Música en España (The Golden Book of Music in Spain).

5) Extraordinary Concerts

          In which top level performers have participated like the pianist Joaquín Achúcarro, the sopranos María Bayo and Ainhoa Arteta or the conductor and musicologist Jordi Savall.