Grupo Cosmos 21



Grupo Cosmos 21

Telephone: (+34) 91 531 16 59 | (+34) 606 566 012 | (+34) 626 362 122



Artistic Director: Carlos Galán
Coordination: Susana Toribio
Production Assistant: Mª Ágeles Nevenka Galán
Administration: Ángeles Flores Borge

Grupo Cosmos 21
Director: Carlos Galán
Vicente Martínez, flutes and assistant
David Arenas, clarinets
Joaquín Franco, saxophones
Emilio Sánchez,  violin
Raúl Pinillos, violoncello
Inma Calzado, piano
Luisa Muñoz, small percussion
Susana Toribio, coordinator

Elíes Herrandis, trombone
David Hernando, alto and soprano saxophone
Nevenka Galán,  double bass
Guillermo Castro, guitar
Thuan Do Minh Dao,  viola
Rubén Alonso, oboe

Own Cycles:

Músicas del Cosmos (6 annual thematic programmes)
Madrid (and repetitions in Salamanca, Cuenca, Córdoba, Seville, Ciudad Real,
 Murcia or Santiago de Compostela)

Conciertoencuentro.cosmos (4 annual meetings)

Solistas del cosmos (15 programmes)

‘If Cosmos 21 did not exist, it would be urgent to invent it. Fortunately, it does exist and the synonyms of curiosity, enthusiasm, work, creativity, an open horizon’ (T. Marco)

‘Example of determination, perseverance, a job well done, of creating from an idea and taking it until the end and beyond, dignity and devotion to music, commitment for the most daring contemporaneity, openness, pride and self-respect to maintain trust. All this and much more is the group Cosmos 21. A bulwark in today’s musical creation’ (E. Molina)

‘Faithful to its philosophy and free before institutions, it is committed with music, musicians, society and, definitely, with people’ (M. Zavala)

‘A selfless devotion to help a musical creation that, facing the prevailing frivolity, it refuses to conform, is committed to demand, inventiveness and good work’ (J. L. Turina)

‘Cosmos 21: a chamber landmark in the History of Spanish Music. The huge professionality of all the musicians belonging to this excellent chamber ensemble, conducted and guided by Maestro Galán, it is a gift for everybody. Its work, passion and excellence is the best legacy they will leave’ (J. Zárate)


‘The excellent technical and musical quality of its members allows them to tackle the wide contemporary repertoire with extension to conceptual, multimedia music, or the varied performances. All this would not be obtained without a discipline in the performance and thorough preparation of the works applied in their concerts’ (C. Cruz de Castro)

‘Cosmos 21 and its director, Carlos Galán, are a paradigm of musical and stage creativity, performing quality and artistic personality’ (I. Tello)

‘Provided working with Cosmos 21 and Carlos Galán, the undisputable soul of the groups, it has been a completely different experience to that had with other players or ensembles. For the group, perform any work is somewhat sacred, almost religious, such that the perception of the work is completely transformed’ (E. Muñoz)


‘The musical adventure of Carlos Galán and his cosmic-material group is an extraordinary deed in the current scenario of Spanish music. The fact that they have been 30 years helping the creation and dissemination of our music is a service to our unique and unpayable culture. Its creative work is one of imagination and originality that does not stop surprising us every day’
(J. Mª Gª Laborda)

Cosmos 21 debuted in Madrid in 1988. Since then (and it is already in its 31st season) it has shown an unwavering support to Spanish creation without distinction of origins or styles (from new authors, or the rara avis of creation or forgotten maestros), touring the entire Spanish territory, as well as completing repeated tours through Italy, Japan or America, it is unanimously recognised by its dedication and passion on the stage.

Since May 1987 when Carlos Galán thought about the creation of a group devoted to the newest music, the setting of each work is planned with a great extension of time, to permit a technical and aesthetic ripening of its performance, always collaborating with the composers themselves. It has been a pioneer in Europe in the idea of a concert like an integral show where extra-musical aspects are taken into account (costumes, stage movement, lighting technology), configuring an authentically live choreography of the contemporary musical fact. To the latter the collaboration of performers on their different anniversaries, like the commemorative folders for its 25th anniversary (G. Torner) or the hangers of the 30th anniversary (E. Stih).

More than two hundred Spanish composers have dedicated their works to them. And given the interest of its programmes and the detailed work of rehearsals and preparation of each work, it has practically recorded all its repertoire for RNE and 18 CDs. Besides participating in all the great Spanish festivals, the Auditorio Nacional de Música or the Fundación March (Revival Hall No. 100), it has dedicated educational-artistic meetings to several composers and its programmes are always thematic. Talking about its director, who in turn has led the first performance of almost four hundred works, it is important to mention the performance of his two concerti grossi (accompanied by the Orquesta y Coro de la Comunidad de Madrid, Auditorio Nacional de Música), its six CDs with the complete works of the material music and his participation on stage in the release of his opera a·Babel (the season of the Teatro de la Zarzuela).