IKFEM International Keyboard Festival & Masterclass

IKFEM International Keyboard Festival & Masterclass
Tui (España) | Valença (Portugal)

Organised by:
Xuventudes Musicais de Tui
Calle San Miguel, 8
36715 Tui (Pontevedra)

Telephone: (+34) 625 617 498

E-mail: ikfem@ikfem.com

Web: www.ikfem.com

Facebook: @IKFEM

Twitter: @IKFEMfestival

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6gwpacXR7vgi-mXuq-R0sw

Instagram: @ikfem_festival

Founder and Artistic Director: Andrea González Pérez
Coordination: Carlos Meléndrez

IKFEM is the International Keyboard Festival & Masterclass of the Eurocity Tui-Valença, an event that, starting from keyboard instruments, offers a wide range of cultural proposals with a clear cross-border character. IKFEM is, above all, music, but also is a meeting with training and an opportunity to discover the rich cultural heritage treasured by the two riversides of the river Miño, between the southwest of Galicia and the north of Portugal.

Each edition includes an attractive Schedule of musical and training events, such as masterclasses, workshops, children’s workshops and concerts, always focussed in the keyboard instrument family: piano, piano forte, organ, organetto, harpsichord, accordion, zanfoma, keytar, kalimba, clavisimbalum, viola de teclas and electronic keyboard. This year the programme was developed under the slogan ‘Women Sound’, with the purpose of identifying and paying homage to women in music. Likewise, IKFEM has wanted to help people affected by the explosion of pyrotechnic material in Tui (one of its locations) and has included among its activities an opening charity gala.

The artistic programme of the festival strengthens synergies between the Spanish and Portuguese cultures, gathering a wide range of musical genres (medieval, Baroque, classical, electronics, jazz, lyrical, pop, indie, rock, folk and symphonic) performed by renowned musicians of the national and international scenario. The pianist Rosa Torres-Pardo, the singer Rocío Márquez and the actress Clara Muñiz, the fado singer Maria Ana Bobone, the organ player Fernando Miguel Jalôto, the pianists Júlio Resende, António Oliveira and Andrea González and Daniel Pereira or the artist Najla Shami, are some of the names of the last edition of this event, in which the bag-pipes and pianist Cristina Pato participated with a meeting-master class about cultural entrepreneurship. In recent editions, the festival has counted with the participation of the group Tiento Nuovo, led by Ignacio Priego, the organ player Juan de la Rubia, the pianists Pedro Burmester, Maurizio Moretti and Vincenzo Balzani, the harpsichord player Ana Mafalda Castro or the accordion player Victor Prieto, among others.

In the training section, the master class programme of IKFEM has already exceeded one hundred students coming from different countries. Currently, some of them are winers of international competitions and several have returned to the festival as guest artists. IKFEM has formed part of the programme Mostra Espanha 2015 organised by the Secretariat of State of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports as an example of cultural cooperation between Spain and Portugal.

The founder and director of the IKFEM, Andrea González Pérez, is a pianist and musical manager. Master in Music Business Management by the University of Westminster in London. Biennio Specialistico in Piano by the Conservatory Giuseppe Verdi and Training in Musical Management in the Academy of the Teatro della Scala, both in Milano. President of the Xuventudes Musicais de Tui, member of the Boards of Juventudes Musicales de España and the Asociación de Becarios de la Fundación Barrié. In 2016, she made a concert tour in Australia, together with Rosendo Mercado performing music of the Galician monk, Rosendo Salvado with the support of AC/E, Xunta de Galicia and the Spanish Embassy, a project which will be published by Warner Music.

Andrea González en el paseo fluvial de Tui

Puente Internacional de Tui (España) y Valença do Minho (Portugal) en IKFEM

Rosa Torres-Pardo, Rocío Márquez y Clara Muñiz interpretando Desconcierto