Innova Música Agencia de Comunicación y Marketing para Artistas

Innova Música
Agencia de Comunicación y Marketing para Artistas
Alcorcón (Madrid)

Head Office:
Travesía de San Isidro, 1
28921 Alcorcón (Madrid)

Telephone: (+34) 687 00 58 68



Facebook: @innovamusicaES

Twitter: @innova_musica


Director: Miguel Galdón

Classical music has a fundamental role to play in society and to occupy the corresponding place, it has to be updated, redefining its function and using tools of today that connect it to reality.

Innova Música was born from this need of change, as an aid to musicians and institutions to achieve their goals. For such a purpose, they apply marketing and communications techniques and develop activities which are the meeting point of professional of the sector, generating through them synergies which enhance values like solidarity, experience and quality.

To be successful is a goal that each artist has marked on the horizon, but to arrive at the highest point there is a long way to go. To master all the tools necessary to drive any artistic career today is very difficult, such that counting with the aid and support of professionals to achieve it, makes it almost essential.

Innova Música is formed by a team specialised in different areas like web design, social network management, communications, digital marketing, SEO, graphic design, publicity, email marketing… and lead by entrepreneur musicians. Innova Música has all the ingredients to offer its artists services of maximum quality, guaranteeing a personalised treatment.

Innova Música. Everything an artist needs.

‘Innova Música not only is a communications company, but, even more important for us dedicated to this profession, is a guarantee of care and diligence for the artist’s image. One has the feeling of being in the hands of friends, perfectly understanding what our essence should be before the public.’

Óliver Díaz, musical director of the Teatro de la Zarzuela

‘Innova Música is a project of 10! Communications, management of social networks, assessment… At last a platform that can manage this work which takes so much time for the musician. 100 % recommendable.’

Mario Mora, international pianist

‘What I value most about Innova Música is, besides its professionality, the capacity of reaching the essence of each artist and adapt itself to what each one needs’

Lara Diloy, conductor

‘Efficiency, professionality, excellent treatment of the customer and much more… Innova Música offers all the artist needs to promote its career’

Pilar Montoya, full professor of the Higher Conservatory of Music of Castile and Leon

Música Innova Música, todo lo que un artista necesita

Diseño web y comunicación. Lara Diloy.

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