ISLIM – Fundación SOCA (Sociedad de Conciertos de Albacete)

ISLIM - Fundación SOCA (Sociedad de Conciertos de Albacete) 

Apartado de correos 642

Concert Venue:
Auditorio Municipal de Albacete
Plaza de la Catedral, s/n
02071 Albacete

Telephone:(+34) 637403080
E-mail: |

Honorary president: Alicia de Larrocha de la Calle
President: Antonio Soria Alemany
Treasurer: Pascual Segovia Armero
Secretary: Juan Manuel Sánchez Purificación
Members: José Caballero Conejero, Raquel Iranzo Prades, Francisco Javier Martínez García, Felix Notario Herrero​ and Miguel Angel Vicente Martínez

The first concert society in Spain in the 21st century was created in December 2000 in Albacete, with the purpose of promoting and disseminating musical culture, an expressive phenomenon of the independence of will power to contribute as a social purpose of civic order, to improve living quality by organising concerts, conferences, training and research programmes for teachers and any other activity to fulfil the goal for which it was constituted.

Since February 2001 (presented at a national level by Iñaki Gabilondo in his programme ‘Hoy por hoy’,the opening concert with Jordi Savalland Montserrat Figueras) the SOCA has organised hundreds of concerts, conferences and other events, with top level artists and groups at an international level: Lilya Zilberstein,Teresa Berganza, Emma Kirkby, Michel Dalberto, Xavier Díaz, The Seven Saints (the prestigious choir of Bulgarian voices), Carles Trepat, Beethoven Klavier Quartet, Jacques Thibaud String Trio (Berlin), Ramón Coll, Antonio Soria, Josep Vicent, Greenwich Quartet, Joan Enric Lluna, Joaquín Achúcarro, Yonty Solomon, Beate Berthold, Josep Colom, Soloists of Covent Garden, Praçak Quartet, Ludmil Angelov, Trío Grumiaux, Janacek Quartet, Soloists of Sofía, JONDE, Alia Mvsica, Zarabanda (Álvaro Marías), Arturo Tamayo, Paul Meyer, Philharmonic Orchestras of Munich and Bonn, María Bayo, Paul Badura-Skoda, etc., as well as the Foundation of FELIR (Festival Lírico Internacional de Albacete), theFIMCA (Festival Internacional de Música de Cámara de Albacete), the TyV (Festival Internacional de Música Antigua ‘Torrejón y Velasco’) and the FIPA (Festival Internacional de Piano de Albacete) with stars of international piano like Alicia de Larrocha, honorary president of the Foundation.

In September 2004 it organised, together with the UCLM, the first meeting of the JONDE in Albacete, with a media resonance at the level of the historic programme of the RTVE ‘Informe Semanal’or the pages of the newspaper El País in an extensive monographic report dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the JONDE. By agreement of the Board of the Fundación SOCA on March 25th 2009, the ISLIM (Higher Institute of Musical Language and Performance structured in several areas or centres: Documentation (Centro de Documentación y Estudios Pianísticos ‘Joaquín Turina’), Research, Teaching (Centro de Interpretación y Hermenéutica Musical ‘Alicia de Larrocha’), Production, Promotion and Management.

One of the first projects of the ISLIM was the achievement in 2010 of an agreement with the Palacio de Congresos de Albacete which made the programme of a top level symphonic series possible, with a spectacular closing both for its quality and public response, it being the first production capable of reaching a full house in the great hall Ciudad de Albacete (1000 seats), performingthe music from Disney’s film Fantasialive with the orchestra Filarmónica Cervantes (resident of the ISLIM) integrated by 110 musicians from Castile-La Mancha and the Valencian Community under the baton of Johannes Rieger, principal conductor of the Nordharzer Städtebundtheater of Halberstadt.

It has organised several performing research programmes aimed at European countries, from Italy to Norway. One of the most recent projects is the organisation of the I Congreso Internacional de Pedagogía e Investigación Performativa y Creatividad Musical DEBUSSY100 (I International Teaching and Performing Research and Musical Creativity DUBSSY100), in November 2018, in the Higher Conservatory of Music of Asturias (Oviedo).

​​Miembros del Patronato de la Fundación junto a Fernando Argenta

​​Ana María Sánchez (soprano), Robert Expert (contratenor) y Antonio Soria (piano), en concierto grabado en directo por Radio Clásica de RNE

​​Joaquín Achúcarro alza el Yelmo de Oro de la Sociedad de Conciertos de Albacete