La Palma Festival de Música

La Palma Festival de Música
Santa Cruz de La Palma (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)

Head Office:
Asociación Cultural Amigos Palmeros de la Ópera (A.C.A.P.O.)
Calle Díaz Pimienta, 10, 4º
38700 Santa Cruz de La Palma (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)

Telephone: (+34) 607 687 418 | (+34) 922 415 059



Facebook: @LaPalmaFestivalInternacionalDeMusica

Twitter: @acapo_lapalma

Artistic Director: Jorge Perdigón Cabrera
Coordination: Dulce María Duque Bermejo

Sometimes a periphery is more beneficial than the citizens normally perceive. That a ‘small’ island —not the capital one— wants to welcome a meeting of star-musicians, of great international projection, is nothing new, but something relevant for those who make it possible. And we say ‘nothing new’ because La Palma, as a port of undoubtable importance in past centuries, achieved that very particular situation was experienced.

How was it possible that Verdi’s opera Il Trovatore was performed in the island in 1856, only three years after having been released in Rome? The replay is obviously simple: the ships that transported the Italian opera companies on their American tours, stopped at the island and rehearsed the works before the enthusiastic public from La Palma.

In the 21st century, we neither count with the companies that ‘made the Americas’ nor with the ships that transported them (although last year, the Vienna Philharmonic made a concert cruise throughout Europe). But it is true that the citizens of the island have maintained love for culture and music, to which they always go to show their feelings, whether they are festive, religious or just casual.

Whilst this event was being prepared, its organisers had the great satisfaction to prove that once again the artists to whom we commented their proposal, really felt excited with the possibility of returning; most of them to their origins, that is, perform in a small theatre with a very limited capacity, in which the public —very close to the artist— remember the perfect sense that the word ‘chamber’ (room, in Spanish) encompass. To be able to enjoy a concert with Maria Joao Pires, Ivo Pogorelich, Joaquín Achúcarro, Lucas Macias, Javier Perianes and the Cuarteto Quiroga or Eric Silberger, among others, or some performances of Don Giovanni by W. A. Mozart with Paolo Gavanel & Eva Mei, Roberto Sacca, etc., in a beautiful and intimate venue is a special incentive for La Palma audience, and above all, begins to be for music lovers from any part of the world.

 Without any shadow of doubt, La Palma has and can contribute much more to the visiting traveller. We hope that this event serves as an excuse to know and enjoy it. Perhaps the periphery can be spoken about as an attraction and not an insurmountable

Joaquín Achúcharro.

Serguéi Jachatrián.

Javier Perianes y Lucas Macias con la Orquesta de Cámara Reina Sofía

Valentina Lisitsa