Lorena Jiménez Classical Music PR

Lorena Jiménez
Classical Music PR 

Head Office:
Calle Príncipe de Vergara, 260, 5º E
28016 Madrid

Telephone: (+34) 91 438 42 03 | (+34) 639 141 342

Web: https://about.me/lorenajimenezalonso

E-mail: maeva_lo@yahoo.es

Facebook: @LJClassicalMusicPR

Twitter: @LJClassicalPR

Director: Lorena Jiménez Alonso

This is a public relations and multilingual media management agency, with headquarters in Madrid, specialised in efficient tailored communication strategies, adapted to the needs and goals of the different agencies, either of artists, labels, orchestras, ensembles, singers, conductors, soloists, festivals, institutions, foundations or music societies.

Why purchase PR services?

To improve their visibility and strengthen their popularity in a highly competitive sector.

A good communications campaign does not yet need a big agency.

Empathy with the customer and its specific needs is required.

Efficacy, involvement, responsiveness and, above all, results.

Our work method allows us to offer competitive prices.

What makes Lorena Jiménez - Classical Music PR different?

Knowledge: Degree in Music History and Science with End of Year Extraordinary Prize. University of Oviedo; Master of Arts Kulturmanagement. Dresden International University. Experience as chamber orchestra violinist who has made numerous national and international tours.

Active musical journalists, accredited for years in the most prestigious festivals of Europe, with a huge knowledge of the sector and a wide network of contacts with important press editors, specialised publications and different radio and television channels.

Broad international professional experience in the promotion of artists in famous international agencies like HarrisonParrott in London, or Weigold & Böhm in Munich, among others. Solid background in European projects like WIMUST-Fondazione Adkins Chiti or reference institutions like HELLERAU-European Centre for the Arts Dresden or the State Opera of Saxony (Semperoper).

Multilingual (German, English, Italian, Spanish).

Personal commitment.

Tailor-made projects.

Integrated communications instead of marketing.

International recognition for her work quality.

References: her customer satisfaction.

Lorena Jiménez

Accademia Bizantina & Ottavio Dantone.

Mezzosoprano - Daniela Barcellona.

Director - Roberto Abbado

Barítono - Luca Salsi

Pianista - Mario Prisuelos.

Balthasar-Neumann-Chor und Ensemble & Thomas Hengelbrock

Balthasar-Neumann-Chor und Ensemble & Thomas Hengelbrock

Mandelring Quartett

Soprano - Carmela Remigio.

Soprano - Lisette Oropesa.

European Day of Early Music - REMA.

Festival Internacional de Música de Cámara «Fundación MonteLeón».

Metamorphosen Berlin.