Valdemorillo (Madrid)

Head Office:
Calle Infanta Carlota, 17
28210 Valdemorillo (Madrid)

Telephone: (+34) 91 351 02 53

E-mail: direccion@orfeoed.com

Director: Alfonso Carraté

With the aim of supporting promising talents and particularly, Spanish musicians, in 2002 Orfeo implemented a new department of ‘Artistic Production’ which provides support to some of the main talents in our country.

This initiative has been favoured by the interest for the new generations shown by the Spanish musical institutions, like orchestras, programmers, auditoriums, festivals, etc over past years.

Some of the names represented, like Félix Ardanaz or Pablo García-López may seem unknown to some of us, but they are always the names of extraordinary artists, winners of important national and international competitions and backed by the great maestros in their field.  

Others are not young musicians but hallowed maestros, always having a criterion of quality and excellence demonstrated throughout their career. In this way, Orfeo includes artists with the status of Sandra Pastrana, Max Bragado-Darman, Josep Vicent, Guillermo Pastrana and Daniel del Pino.

Furthermore, Orfeo promotes tours for foreign and national orchestras in Spain and facilitates the communication between different musical institutions in our country, with the purpose of supporting their mobility within the national territory, in this way satisfying another of the foundation targets.

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Félix Ardanaz

Pablo García-López

Sandra Pastrana.

Daniel del Pino

Andreas Prittwitz.

Mario Prisuelos.

Ona Cardona.