Orpheus Classical

Orpheus Classical
Madrid | Nueva York | París

Head Offices:
Calle Gran Vía, 6, 4º
28013 Madrid
576, 5th Avenue, 9th Floor
10036 New York
66, Avenue des Champs Elysées
75008 París

Telephone: (+34) 606 675 298

E-mail: info@orpheusclassical.com

Web: www.orpheusclassical.com

Facebook: @OrpheusClassical

Artistic Directors: Félix Ardanaz (Orpheus, Spain) - Andrew Glynn (Orpheus, New York)
- Alain Haussmann (Orpheus, Paris)

The record label Orpheus has been consolidated as an important international reference in the recording field, with its catalogue of more than 30 albums launched in the last two years. Besides its traditional head office of Madrid’s Gran Via, two new ones have been added and opened recently in the 5th Avenue of New York and in the Champs Elysées of Paris.

The promotion of Spanish artists represents the centre of Orpheus’ philosophy, but its entrepreneurial talent lies in the internationalisation of its discographic projects. Hence, besides receiving reviews and awards in the specialised Spanish media (Melómano, Scherzo, Ritmo, Doce Notas, ABC Cultural, El Mundo, El País, El Cultural, Atención Obras, Opera World, etc.), the Orpheus’ albums have obtained reviews in important media of United States and Canada (New York Concert Review, The Classical Music Sentinel, Fanfare, The Whole Note), France and Belgium (Diapason, Pianiste, Point Culture), United Kingdom (International pianist), Italy (Tutti Magazine), and many more.

On the other hand, throughout last year Orpheus sponsored international competitions held in the Carnegie Hall of New York and in the Berlin Philharmonie, offering discographic contracts to the winners in a clear commitment to internationalise the label and relate it to the excellence characterising Orpheus’ artists.

Precisely, the artists are the backbone of Orpheus philosophy: musicians of internationally proven artistic excellence, with novel and original proposals. Moreover, they are the owners with 100% of the rights of the works and all the copies manufactured, managing their albums with total freedom and maintaining the option of private sale. The discographic projects may be recorded in its recording studios in Spain, France and United States, hallowed in classical music, or may be recorded by the media selected by the artists themselves.

The discographic projects of Orpheus are distributed in all the relevant platforms of digital distribution (Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Rhapsody, Apple Music, etc.), and the artists are paid according to all the income generated through listening and downloading of their works. Likewise, Orpheus albums are internationally distributed by physical means according to the number of samples selected by the artists for such a purpose.

            The discographic catalogue of Orpheus commits itself with projects with artistic, original and eclectic personality. Therefore, in the catalogue there are albums for traditional groups (piano solo, string and piano, chamber quintet, voice, wind and piano), but also instruments of a great originality like the teremín, the txistu or the viola d’amore.

Orpheus has made a decision to make a discographic renewal in the sector of classical music. Its line of action responds to a vision based on these pillars: supporting performers and composers of exceptional talent in the national and international fields; innovation, favouring creativity and the original proposals and their role in the avant garde; recording with highly qualified sound engineers besides a high precision microphone equipment team; professional edition and mastering of the material recorded; manufacture, design and distribution of albums of an electronic and physical format and, finally, the promotion with a wide range of promotional services, besides the presentation of artists to many festivals.

The promotion of Orpheus projects is another backbone of its philosophy. For such a reason, Orpheus customise the promotional campaigns for presentation in the media, dissemination in radio channels and communicates the launching products to the specialised and general press.

The Orpheus team has the conviction that only a synergy of multiple services like recording, edition, equalising, mastering, graphic design, manufacture, presentation, promotion in the media, solution of legal matters, have sense in the current musical market.