Orquesta Juvenil Europea de Madrid

Orquesta Juvenil Europea de Madrid

Head office:
Calle Alonso Heredia, 21, bajo izquierda
28028 Madrid

Telephone: (+34) 689 451 245 | (+34) 665 133 322

E-mail: info@ojem.es

Web: www.ojem.es

Facebook: @orquestajuvenileuropeamadrid

Twitter: @orquestaojem

Instagram: @orquestaojem

Principal Conductor: Adriana Tanus

Coordination: Nicolás Martin

Unique, thanks to its diversity, its variety, its blend of backgrounds and groups, where professional musicians and amateur choir singers fit, this musical project was born in 2005 as a chamber ensemble with eight musicians in the French Lyceum of Madrid, thanks to its conductor Adriana Tanus. Over the years, this group, initially a chamber ensemble, has become, as from 2013 in the Orquesta y Coro Juvenil Europea de Madrid, opening its doors to musicians and singers of all backgrounds.

Students from all international centres and schools from Madrid, conservatories, professionals, amateurs, parents, children, all of them integrate a solid, truly European musical project composed by more than 90 musicians and about 120 choir members and with the same enthusiasm performed the concert commemorating the 30th anniversary of the entry of Spain in the European Community in the Royal Palace as a charitable concert to collect a ton of food in the Teatro Pilar Bardem of Rivas Vaciamadrid.

The spirit of the OJEM is based on respect and integration of diversity: ages, genres, levels, background and dedication, to obtain a harmonious group, in both the human and the musical and to achieve performances a great musical quality, to the very edge of challenge.

In all the programmes, the young people nourish themselves from an exchange of experiences sharing rehearsals and stages with professional musicians. The Orchestra promotes training of its members through orchestral meetings, master classes with hallowed professionals of renowned prestige, scholarships of musical improvement and exchanges with other musical ensembles from abroad. In fact, the Orchestra also becomes a promotion project for young talents.

Musically, the 2018-19 season, has witnessed how the OJEM has dared with challenges reserved to professional and renowned orchestras: both the Ninth Symphony by Beethoven, as it already is integrated in the repertoire, and choral Finish music, having been characterised by its performing maturity and a capacity for extraordinary achievement, accompanied by a tremendous public success.

But besides being a musical project of integration and transformation, the OJEM is a dissemination project. Under the drive of its conductor, committed to the relevance of music in the creation of the spirit, in this season, the children’s choir has been implemented, which participated in the first edition of the CoCoMAD and has launched the orchestral school, directed towards children between 8 and 9 years old, that searches to teach, from a very early age, the techniques and spirit of music as a whole.

Adriana Tanus

Musician, violoncello player and graduated in Orchestral Conducting by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. Music teacher of the French Lyceum, she has been distinguished by the European Commission and appointed ‘Chevalier de l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques’ in 2016. Nevertheless, Adriana is much more than an orchestral and choir conductor. She is the example of integration, respect for differences, attention to detail and the passion in each beat. A teacher and pedagogue, her passion for teaching is shown not only in the academic projects where she participates but also in each rehearsal, convinced that music is the root to achieve the unit joining differences.

A presentation of the conductor cannot finish without an open invitation to all the readers to join the family, which, basically, is the OJEM.

Adriana Tanus