Orquesta Metropolitana de Madrid

Orquesta Metropolitana de Madrid

Head Office:
Avenida Veinticinco de Septiembre, 8
28027 Madrid

Telephone: (+34) 91 318 59 28

E-mail: info@grupotalia.org

Web: www.grupotalia.org

Facebook: @GrupoConcertanteTalia | @OrquestaMetropolitanadeMadrid

Twitter: @GrupoTalia

Organisation: Grupo Concertante Talía

Principal Conductor: Silvia Sanz

Artistic Director: Alejandro Vivas

Press and Communications: Inmaculada López

The Orquesta Metropolitana de Madrid and the Coro Talía are the two main musical units of the Grupo Concertante Talía (GCT), a non-profit institution founded by Silvia Sanz Torre in 1996 and declared an organisation of municipal public interest by the Madrid Town Hall. The GCT, to which the Madrid Youth Orchestra (MAYO) and the Orquesta Infantil Jonsui also belongs, aims at music dissemination, musical education and orchestral and choral training. Its activity includes a variety of educational and artistic activities, besides a concert season in the Auditorio Nacional de Música de Madrid.

Orquesta Metropolitana de Madrid

The orchestra mainly stands out for its versatility. Besides performing the great works of the symphonic repertoire, it tackles genres like swing, soul, film sound tracks and videogames, musical shows or symphonic pock or rock. Furthermore it offers educational concerts and for the family audience with novel experiences like Música y juguetes (Music and Toys), including toys as instruments, El sonido de la magia (The Sound of Magic) together with the magician Jorge Blass or Música en danza (Dancing Music) with the participation of dancers, both in the Auditorio Nacional as in other halls of Madrid.

The Coro Talía, with a 23 year career, participates together with the orchestra in all the subscription concerts and shares with it its capacity to adapt to different styles, genres and times. The Choir has also collaborated with other groups and in May 2019 participated in the concerts of Bilbao, Lisbon and Madrid of the last tour of the director and composer of sound tracks, Ennio Morricone.

2019-20 Season

The Orquesta Metropolitana de Madrid and the Coro Talía present their 9th season in the Symphonic Hall of the Auditorio Nacional with four subscription concerts. The first one (19/10/19) will be dedicated to one of the most moving works of classical music, Requiem in D minor by W. A. Mozart. The second subscription concert (27/12/19) is entitles Aires Latinos: de la milonga a la salsa con alma y ritmo (Latin Airs: from the milonga to salsa with soul and rhythm). The third concert Shakespeare in music (7/3/20) includes works by Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Vaughan Williams or Verdi, all of them inspired in tragedies or comedies by the great author. The fourth concert of the series (30/5/20), dedicated to Spanish composers, will bear the title: Embrujo español: de Barbieri a Falla con música sinfónica y zarzuela (Spanish Enchantment: from Barbieri to Falla with symphonic music and zarzuela).

Silvia Sanz Torre, principal conductor

With more than 150 concerts in the Auditorio Nacional de Música this conductor from Madrid is currently the only woman who is the principal conductor of a stable season in this hall. She studied in the Higher Conservatory of Music of Madrid in the specialities of guitar, piano, harmonia, counterpoint, fugue and composition. She studied orchestral conducting with maestro Enrique García Asensio and completes her training with renowned maestros like Helmuth Rilling or Aldo Ceccato. In the 1993-94 season she held the post as assistant conductor for the Orquesta y Coro Nacionales de España. She has conducted in different countries of Europe, Asia, America and Africa. Her works with young people were recognised by the El Salvador Parliament to ‘contribute to eradicate inequality through music’. In Addis Ababa she prepared and conducted the first concert of the sole orchestra of the country after 40 years. In 2017 she was ranked as one of the Top 100 Women Leaders in 2017 and awarded with the VII Premios Solidarios a la Igualdad MDE (‘Women who change the world).

Silvia Sanz Torre, directora titular de Orquesta Metropolitana y Coro Talía

Orquesta Metropolitana y Coro Talía en la Sala Sinfónica del Auditorio Nacional