Orquesta Sinfónica de Castilla y León (OSCyL)

Orquesta Sinfónica de Castilla y León (OSCyL)

Head Office:
Centro Cultural Miguel Delibes
Avenida del Real Valladolid, 2
47015 Valladolid

Telephone: (+34) 983 376 405

E-mail: info@centroculturalmigueldelibes.com

Web: www.oscyl.com | www.centroculturalmigueldelibes.com

Facebook: @centroculturalmigueldelibes

Twitter: @OSCyL_CCMD

Artistic and Technical Director: Jordi Gimeno Mariné
Principal Conductor: Andrew Gourlay

2018-19 Season

Excellence, commitment and innovation. Under these three mainstays, the next season of the OSCyL is featured, which will have among its outstanding events, the homage to be paid to maestro López Cobos. The new programme includes performances of national and international level and collaborations with dance schools, being committed to the talent of the Castile and Leon youth. Another of the challenges will be the strengthening of the socio-educational area with new actions and more territorial coverage.

With respect to the excellence in artistic quality, the OSCyL, guaranteed by its more than 25 years on stages, has been consolidated as one of the great Spanish orchestras. Excellence contributed by maestro Jesús López Cobos, who died last March 2nd, being the central image of the entire programme of the new season, in recognition of its emeritus conductor. López Cobos, Premio Castilla y León de las Artes in 2012, was always generous with his homeland, a reason for which the Symphonic Hall of the Centro Cultural Miguel Delibes will bear, as from now, his name. Likewise, one of the main events of the season will be in subscription 3, with a concert dedicated to López Cobos, free of charge for the Orchestra subscribers.

The excellence of the Orchestra, joined to the evolution in quality of the Professional School of Dance (in Valladolid and Burgos), will make possible an unprecedented and singular collaboration by presenting a chamber ballet on a symphonic stage: Apolo, musae conductor by Igor Stravinsky.

Worthy of mention is the exchange with the Orquesta de Galicia, which will be in the 187-19 season in the Concert 20 +1, free of charge for subscribers, facilitating that in the following season, the OSCyL goes to Coruña.

In the next season, concerts with a repertoire prepared by Andrew Gourlay will be alternated with other concerts led by musicians of maximum level of Castile and Leon like Roberto González Monjas from Valladolid, who will become the main guest artist, the soloists Belén Alonso (soprano, from Valladolid) and Clara Andrada (flute player, born in Salamanca) and the composer from Segovia Nuño Fernández Ezquerra.

The main pillar supporting the cultural politics of the Castile and Leon Government is social and territorial integration, the commitment of culture with all the citizens of Castile and Leon. The Orchestra has become an element of territorial structuring and cohesion. The reinforcement of the territorial presence of the OSCyL will be continuous throughout the new season, with concerts in all the provincial capitals. As a novelty, the OSCyL will collaborate in educational material with the Jóvenes Orquestas de Castilla y León.

The socio-educational area of the OSCyL, Miradas, with 50,000 participants each year, will consolidate its integrating and charity work, guaranteeing access of everybody to music and, over all, that of people in risk of social exclusion and with other specific needs. During the next season, the Orchestra will widen the activities of the area in new centres and geographical environments of Castile and Leon.

The third mainstay of the season is the novelty as an identity mark. To obtain this, beyond subscription, extraordinary concerts will be added that involve a value added to the season.

Andrew Gourlay