Orquesta y Coro Filarmonía de Madrid

Orquesta y Coro Filarmonía de Madrid

Head Office:
Calle Rafael Ceballos, 5
28029 Madrid

Telephone: (+34) 917 321 255

E-mail: info@orquestafilarmonia.com

Web: www.orquestafilarmonia.com

Facebook: @ocfilarmonia

Twitter: ‪@OCFilarmonia

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/ORQUESTAFILARMONIA

Principal Conductor: Pascual Osa

Managing Director: Elena Menor

11th Season in the Auditorio Nacional

It consists of a varied quality programme, selected attending to the details to surprise the public so they enjoy it. It is divided in three series: FILARMONÍA ESENCIAL, CÁMARA Y ACCIÓN, CONCIERTOS ESPECIALES.

The SERIES FILARMONÍA ESENCIAL begins in October with Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, a classic that never gets old fashioned which breaks that everything existing before since only a genius and a visionary like Beethoven could go beyond the rules of symphonic music of his times and add a symphony with both percussion and a choir.

In November, the choir will thunder with energy in the symphonic hall with the Mass for the Dead, more similar to an opera which exists, Verdi’s Requiem.

Already in January and with the change of year, the challenge of this season is faced, Alexander Nevsky by Prokofiev, which started being a soundtrack for the film of this Russian Hero and that the composer managed to adapt masterfully until transforming it into a powerful cantata.

The necessary Antología de la Zarzuela will be in February and bring the beauty of our most traditional music, always with the greatest care for details. A production with the quality it deserves.

Enjoying a good opera is always a pleasure, but this year Filarmonía has thought: and why only one? For this reason, it will dedicate a concert to a selection of the most emblematic choirs in its Gala de Ópera.

It will be closed with our film concert, with those essential soundtracks that cannot be lacking in a Filarmonía Season, Momentos de Cine.

The two concerts that integrate CÁMARA Y ACCIÓN transport the public to a very far away galaxy with the most magic music of our times. In December a programme based    on the saga Star Wars, a concert of the Filarmonía label that cannot be missing and, in January, we welcome the Three Kings with the best film music of Harry Potter, the perfect concert for the whole family.

Finally, this year, there will be three CONCIERTOS ESPECIALES (Special Concerts). At Christmas, like every year, with the waltzes and polkas of the Strauss family in Vienna in Madrid, and in April, with Easter and the May bank holiday, two essential concerts Mozart’s Requiem and Carmina Burana.

The Orchestra

The Orquesta Filarmonía was born in Madrid in the year 2000 as the first and only professional symphonic orchestra of an exclusively private nature at the time. Over the years it has performed numerous concerts and performances in the main halls of Spain, standing out, its own season in the Auditorio Nacional de Música, as well as the concerts dedicated to soundtracks of cinema classics and literature: Star Wars and Harry Potter. During Christmas time, it always dedicates a space to the waltzes and polkas of the Strauss family with the traditional concert Vienna in Madrid and offers private annual concerts for some companies like Siemens or Caser Seguros.

The Choirs

The Coro Filarmonía was created with the name Orfeón Filarmónico thanks to maestro Pascual Osa offering its first concert in 1999 with the cantata Carmina Burana in the Auditorio Joaquín Rodrigo de las Rozas de Madrid.

Even though an amateur choir, its activity and spirit has always had professional demands and it is used to accompany the Orquesta Filarmonía in its tours through the best halls or auditoriums of Spain.

Currently, it counts with more than 140 active members and a complete repertoire with symphonic, opera, zarzuela and cinema music works.

Pascual Osa

Orquesta y Coro Filarmonía de Madrid

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