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The result of the experience gained for more than a decade in the fields of production, communication and artistic representation, SEED MUSIC consolidates, three years after its creation the record label linked to the launching of young talents and singular artistic projects.

Publishing of its books-cum-discs, of elaborated format and with complementary materials, like videos and composers’ text, provide the SEED albums an added value difficult to find in the current market. To those already published: Portrait (Cuarteto Gerhard), Intertwined Paths (Joel Bardolet, violin) and Moments (Carles Marigó, piano) —Seed 001, 002 and 003, respectively—, the DVD Live of the Trío Fortuny may be added, recorded in October 2017 in the Auditori Espai Ter de Torroella de Montgrí (Girona). In this work, the violinist Joel Bardolet, the pianist Marc Heredia and the cello player Pau Codina perform two works of reference for this unique and central chamber group: the Trio opus 8 no. 1 by J. Brahms and the Trio D. 929 no. 2 by F. Schubert.

Next releases of the label include the debut album of the multi-awarded Cosmos Quartet, integrated by Helena Satué and Bernat Prat (violins), Lara Fernández (viola) and Oriol Prat (violoncello), making that Alfred Brendel himself indicated that we should follow the track and support them given their personal merits and sound. The Cosmos Quartet won the first prize in the last edition of the International String Quartet Competition of Heidelberg, organised by the Irene Steels-Wilsing Foundation and the Heidelberger Frühling Festival. In its debut album as a quartet, they will record Joseph Haydn’s, opus 64 no. 6 in E flat major; J. Brahms’ opus 67 no. 3 in B flat major and the also of awarded composer Raquel García-Tomás, Così mostraste a lei i vivi ardori miei (world premiere of the string quartet version). The libretto accompanying the album will include the musical comments of the critic and journalist Antoni Batista.

Among the next works SEED MUSIC will publish, equally outstanding is the album Offertorium of the established chamber ensemble Barcelona Clarinet Players. The group integrated by Manuel Martínez and Javier Vilaplana (clarinets), Martí Guastevi (corno di bassetto) and Alejandro Castillo (bass clarinet), will present in Autumn a work consisting of commissioned pieces (world premiere recording) made to the composers Joan Magrané, Bernat Vivancos, Carlos de Castellarnau, Raquel García-Tomás and Josep Maria Guix. Also, this 2018-2019 season, SEED will publish the complete session for two pianos between Carles Marigó and Marco Mezquida from Menorca. A previous season of this collaboration closed the debut album of Marigó, Moments, and before the end of 2018, the label from Barcelona will publish the final result of this proposal for four hands based on improvisation.

Finally, the album of the mezzo-soprano living in Germany Anna Alàs Jové (a normal name in European opera stages, although frankly speaking it is in the field of lied and Baroque music where she has obtained her best distinctions) will be released at the end of this season. Alàs will present her Spanish and Catalonian song album together with her reference pianist, the German Alexander Fleischer, with whom she has been working for ten years. Both were awarded in the famous Hugo-Wolf-Akademie competition (Stuttgart).

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