SIMCE Semana Internacional de la Música de Cámara Española

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Semana Internacional de la Música de Cámara Española

Head Office:
Avenida Carlos Haya, 147, 1º E
29010 Málaga

Teléfono: (+34) 952 285 237 | (+34) 699 103 898



Artistic Director: José Manuel Gil de Gálvez
Managing Director: Juan Pablo Gamarro
Dates:  End of October to the beginning of November
Place: Málaga and Macharaviaya (Málaga)
Organised by: Fundación Hispania Música
Participating Entities: Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Málaga, EMT, Diario SUR, Odarit, J. B. del Barrio,
Seryda, EDIPSA, Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País, Colegio San Estanislao de Kostka
and Colegio de Médicos de Málaga

The ‘SIMCE – Semana Internacional de la Música de Cámara Española’ is a production of a clear scientific nature born with the intention of showing the hard research work permanently carried out by the Fundación Hispania Música.

It proposes the audience a project which analyses every year and according to a determined topic, the life and works of eminent musicians from Malaga and the relation with the music of the period. A new perspective to discover history, photographed in a given moment and in line with Spanish chamber music.

The subject chosen for the first editions considered the ‘Music in times of José de Gálvez (1720-1787)’. For such a purpose, we counted with the collaboration of researchers, musicologists and performers working in these areas of history, that is, experts and specialists, perpetuating their results in editorial and discographic publications.

The SIMCE has become, in its own right, the oldest production in Spain as far as its specialty. Even though there are different festivals dedicated to Spanish music, few have dedicated themselves to the exclusive promotion of chamber music and none specifically to what is genuinely Spanish.

Its final purpose is to add extra value to our musical culture, with the aim of transforming this week in a forum of recognition of the chamber music in Spain, in its widest conceptual dimension: chamber music in its original meanings, chamber music written by Spanish composers or of Spanish inspiration and the attention to the Spanish artists and chamber ensembles. Its resident group is Concerto Malaga in its version of Ensemble Musicos.

With this project, the Fundación Hispania Música continues implementing its founding principles, contributing to music different resources, which from their singular values, firmly mark the wholeness of strategic actions carried out.

The Foundation participates in this way in cultural life with the purpose of encouraging the creation of new audiences and venues, its board trying to put citizen’s initiative as the mainstay intending to renew the cultural model.

Ensemble Músicos Concerto Málaga en la Iglesia de San Jacinto de Macharaviaya (Málaga).

Ensemble Músicos Concerto Málaga: José Manuel Gil de Gálvez, Víctor Yélamo, Juan Pablo Gamarro, Fernando Espí (invitado).