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Thelxínoe Music

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Artistic Director: Carmen Martínez-Pierret

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Thelxinoë is one of the sirens of Greek mythology. Her name (Θελξινόη) is mentioned in Hesiod’s Theogony and it means ‘she who entrances and charms the spirit’ through music.

Thelxínoe Music identifies itself with the siren to enthrall its listeners. The label is committed to classical music and jazz but equally welcomes other musical genres.

Thelxínoe Music has two objectives: to promote rarely performed music —especially works by women composers with whom the general public is unfamiliar for which it proposes a special collection— and to offer a fresh look at contemporary music, written or improvised.

Thelxínoe Music also declares its aim to restore to the CD its value as an objet d’art in the virtual ocean where we swim. Finally, Thelxínoe Music offers a forum for artists in all areas of plastic and literary creation.

Music, Painting, Poetry — Euterpe, Erato, Talía— three Muses whispering in the ear of Thelxinoë the Siren…

 The artistic direction of this new label is in the hands of the pianist and cultural manager Carmen Martínez-Pierret, whose professional activity, as intense as varied, is open to a new and passionate aspect through Thelxínoe Music.

«Mozart on the Beach». Collage para el disco Round about Mozart

Carmen Martínez-Pierret & Guillaume de Chassy en una imagen promocional del disco Round about Mozart. Estilismo: Marine Pierrot Detry & François Hurteau-Flamand. Maquillaje: Anaïs Renou